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updated 6 months ago

Monday again. Why does time passes so fast, it’s scaring me. But then again, 26 days to travel ☺️ I AM SO EXCITED ALL I THINK ABOUT IS TRAVELLING!

Actually I’m planning for October travels already. Hopefully all is well, and I get to book tickets soon 🙏🏻

Our schedule is sooooo packed. Initially was able to choose our PWS photos this week but cause January and February is fully packed that we have to squeeze out the time, right before we fly off to select the photos!

I guess cause Feb is filled with CNY and also I have school+not in sg. Scheduling my friends as far as 28 Feb already. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Over the weekend I’ve caved in and gotten this Vichy Mineral 89 to try. I’ve been curbing my spendings on skincare cause I wanna splurge it on Japanese skincare next month.

However, I was to get this because I had a $25 CapitaLand mall voucher! < proves it’s good to scan receipts for points since you get vouchers for your spendings. Since already spend then might as well just scan for points right? Hahaha #dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

&& it’s having offer now for 2 at $89 while 1 for $60. They have this limited edition version that’s red, and the usual blue bottle. I got one each!

The past week has been busy, for a few days I didn’t even clock my steps cause for PWS I wasn’t wearing the Fitbit. Hence I left it at home and I was over at his place. 🤭

Finally went for a 7km run ytd, but I started my app a little late. 🤷🏻‍♀️ take a break today cause having farewell dinner with friends, then hopefully can clock some running tmrw ☺️

After my prewedding shoot that day I really rewarded myself with KOI 😂 One month ban has ended and so proud of myself, but now I’m limiting my koi drinks as well!

Trying to not have more than 4 a month!

Day 21

Monday, 21 Jan 2019

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stacies (avatar)

stacies JIA YOU!!! ❤️ you look damn gorgeous anyway!

6 months ago

Cxxsey (avatar)

Cxxsey @stacies awww you’re so nice ☺️thanks Stacie!! 😘💕 You are one gorge lady yourself!

6 months ago

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