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April 2019

Just one of the emotional day. And like usual , you dont understand me and the reason why I am upset. 🤷‍♀️you probably dont know that i am worried as well. whats new.

Because people who care will care. Its okay. I will get over it 💪

March 2019

When the relationship has no trust, i dont see how it going to continue. You dont understand me, neither do I. I guess till date we are still not accepting each other differences.

Dreams are haunting me every single sleep. Where sometimes lucid dreaming is so bad that I had desperately call myself to wakeup :(

January 2019

I saw my fear in my dream. I guess no matter how I am alright with current situation. My heart doesnt lie. I wokeup crying.. because安全感i got none from you since day1 .

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