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updated 1 month ago

Yesterday was UK Mother’s Day this is the first time only 3 of us celebrate together!

Usually either hubby parents is here or his daughter stay with us for the weekend.

After my usual morning run Matt still sleeping in the clock for forward yesterday he woke up nearly 9am!

Thank you my one and only one son xxx

That’s me Matt mummy look like a tree 🤣🤣🤣.

Matt hand writing better now after daddy been telling him off!

Those words is copy from somewhere in school doesn’t matter after reading almost tears and he grown up so quickly.

Is Mother’s Day mean I am the boss the worker have to do the works!

Now the worker is tired need a rest and drinks!

New garden wall is on its way!

Mother’s Day celebration at the Japanese restaurant our favourite place must go every month!

He is really hungry eat most of the food!

Ordered 3 bentos!

Matt finished one set of rice by himself and ate 2 tempura, 1 portion of sashimi and sushi and bowl of miso soup!

Picture with me and Matt!

The brownie cake I made for Mother’s Day!

So yummy!

Sync my garmin watch with me and picture took yesterday.

6 day to go the Greater Manchester marathon!

The problem living in country side the torn stuck in my shoe!

More wine today is red currant and raspberry wine on inspection.

Day 91

Monday, 1 Apr 2019

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chocoholiclamb (avatar)

chocoholiclamb Good luck for the marathon 💪🏻

1 month ago

Sailermoon (avatar)

Sailermoon good luck!!!!!!!!

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @chocoholiclamb thank you, I feel that the marathon training plan is under training 😅

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @Sailermoon same to you, shinny PB coming for you!

1 month ago

jessieyap (avatar)

jessieyap happy mothers day to you 😀

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @jessieyap thank you x

1 month ago

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