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Easter holiday

Matt Easter holiday 2 week we are away on holiday.

Trim my pandan plant overgrowing I can’t afford to let it die 2 weeks of holiday I need to put as much as water I can and leave at cooling place.

Recently squirrel 🐿 chopped the tulips not the first time this little bugger do that I am so annoying of them!

Next season I shall got some dark purple tulips in my garden! I love tulips is the first sight of spring!

The lamb is growing well another month or two they need to separate from the sheep.

This pair of twins given birth in front of me! She had difficulty push the baby out in the end the farmer have to give her a pull out.

I almost tears because few second ago the first one no heart beat only after a few shake she start to move.

Awww... so cute!

Off we go on holiday

Before the start of our holiday my first run after the marathon!

Knee feel uncomfortable but is not due to running, I always get from gardening!

Glad that I am able to run 27:33 on park run even after the start I was stuck with a boy tripped and fell.

The weather was slightly cold but it didn’t bother me only things bother me is my hand cold!

Usually our Europe trip is travel by car!

What I like is I can put as many things I like even our pillows, hubby let Matt bring his gf(bolster) what a soft head!

Very looking forward our holiday is been awhile (Berlin not count)!

All clear brexit delay traffic all good!

France - Chamonix
Swiss - alps
Italy - Dolomite

Here we come!

14 hours in ferry to Belgium 🇧🇪!


Actually 14 hrs wasn’t that bad.

- Off to ferry at 4ish.
- walk around the ferry.
-back to cabin play game.
- beer time.
- bedtime.

Our lunch meal already settled before on board the ferry!

Beer time!

I feel fat now!

Next morning the sunrise welcome us!

Morning walk with fresh air!

I am tired couldn’t sleep good the sea wave disturb me!

Breakfast time, we all tired!

Oh, the P&O ferry breakfast is excellent English breakfast, cereal, smoked salmon, cheese and fruits!

Not to forget my Sunday FaceTime with mum even I am in ferry as long as I got WiFi I won’t missed her call!

Long drive to stop over at rue de pontalier, Matt drive is nuts!

I have to sleep with him tonight this master kicker i always struggle sleep with him even he was little baby he got his own bed!

Day 105

Monday, 15 Apr 2019

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mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul enjoy your road trip!

1 month ago

clairosaur (avatar)

clairosaur Can’t wait to see your posts!!!

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @mrsergul thank you, yes is finally holiday x

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @clairosaur ha ha will try to post along the journey x

1 month ago

w3nDyK (avatar)

w3nDyK Enjoy and have fun ! Looking forward to more update on ur trip 😄

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @w3nDyK thank you, been awhile away from holiday x

1 month ago

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