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Hubby birthday/ Matt running/ Greater Manchester Marathon

We had lots of events happen last weekend.

Finally to take a week break from running.

Hubby birthday

Big 60 birthday no party just a family birthday dinner.

I didn’t get him anything only handmade birthday card. The other day he wanted to bid this favourite tractor but it was out of budget so I draw him one.

Promise to hubby I drive home he can drink more sake!

This hungry hulk love to eat sashimi and sushi.

The sashimi and sushi for sharing.

I made him a fruits cake for his birthday.

Matt running

Saturday is Matt run his last 1.1 mile on half marathon challenge.

Yes his first race day!

Ready to go!

All gear up ready to go running!

Told him to take it steady don’t go too fast.

He listen what we told him!

Come to the end point!

Come on Matt!

He completed the race, well done!

But he didn’t beat his classmate Lily.

Told him is not about racing the most important is you completed the race mummy and daddy proud of you xxx

Greater Manchester Marathon race

18 weeks of training the day has come nearly the end on Sunday until I cross the finished line.

Unfortunately the week before I was down with cold and cough.

The day before I was coughing whole night didn’t sleep well.

Get ready race kit as I expected the soft flask was leaking actually I already notice few weeks ago so to be safe I top up the water early morning. Luckily I always have spare one in my cupboard.

We unsure how’s the live tracking works if I don’t see him not to worries.

He told me will see me at mile 6 blame the tram was too slow stop at few stations too long they missed me!

In my head I was wonder is it Matt unwell or his daughter waiting boyfriend couldn’t make it on time.

We all ready to go the start line!

I hold my bladder from home about 1.5 hrs couldn’t take it anymore once Claire stop the car I quickly pee at the bushes blame the public car park no toilet!

To the start line I wasn’t confident enough what pace I should run the whole race due to down with cough.

Soon after I crossed the start line I told myself trust the plan and all the effort that I put on!

I spot hubby at mile 18.75 so happy to see them watch me running on race.

Seriously after I crossed the 13.1 miles half marathon I was a bit worried did I go too fast clocked my fastest HM at 01:57.

What should I do at mile 16 negative split or stay on current pace?

From mile 1 to 16 my pace are consistently good at under 9:00 per mile.

My friend spot me at mile 19 she told me I still look fresh.

Mile 20 from the last one I did the feel like throw out hasn’t kick in but I couldn’t hold 8:50 per mile only can continue stay on marathon pace. Plan A 03:50 is impossible!

Mile 23 I tried to push a but my watch still stay the same marathon pace!

Mile 24 - 25 keep thinking about I have to do sub 4!

Mile 26 - time to take the last gel push all I can I get negative split at 8:29 per mile.

The last mile i only look in front even missed my family!

I was too focus at the finished line!

Keep on running!

And keep smiling let the pain go away!

They all are so closed to me but I didn’t hear them!

At last 0.2 miles I run as fast as I can to cross the finish line!

Be right back!

4 of us on same running club they all hate me now ha ha just joking because I run the best time among them.

We made friend from park run said hello, then we run together get to know each other better!

I almost tears after I crossed the finished line mainly is I never feel so strong before I even can push harder but due to the cough I would not take a risk on 26.2 miles anything can happen.

#marathonrunners #marathon #manchestermarathon

Completed at 3hrs56mins the Hanson marathon training plan works on me!

All my hard work paid off!

Finally I can call myself sub 4 runners!

In UK sub 4 is just an average hubby said now I am sub normal actually what he really mean is sub crazy 不不不不.

Time to re build my soreness muscle a piece or f Angus steak £3.60 at Aldi nothing is better eating at home.

Also a pint of Guinness to build my iron!

So the whole week of recovery now I can irritate my hubby不不不不

Day 99

Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019

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mrsergul (avatar)

mrsergul your passion for running is !

3 months ago

mrsrightiswong (avatar)

mrsrightiswong Omg!! Such an amazing feat. Really admire your passion for running!

3 months ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @mrsergul @mrsrightiswong thank you, yes i love running because running is a social things to do for me to meet some amazing friends xx

3 months ago

jwongs_ (avatar)


3 months ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life @jwongs_ thank you, you too keep on running x

3 months ago

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