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Hospital story! 37+6 weeks


12 hours of labour and then had to do emergency csec cos his heartbeat was dropping and not dilated fast enough 😭

But oh well i gave it my best shot at inducing. Haiz more difficult now to nurse and heal with csec

6am: When you’re admitted into hospital and your husband dunno where he put his phone. Now he has to go back home search instead of being at your side 🙄

Le IV tube is kinda a bit pain. And had my enema 😂

7.42: Gynae burst the waterbag and said put in epidural right away as i had higher chance of emergency csec. 1cm dilated only so its gonna take till evening

I ow ow ow so much she said like that sure need epidural

Everything started to get numb after the epidural. The spinal injection was really painful

Husband came back after the epidural 🙄 he forgot the house key. Now he has to go back AGAIN.

Started getting into an argument about when he should go back. He wanted to go back after the birth only but i thought that was really silly since i had a long time to go before being fully dilated. Argue here argue there got mad 😡

The numbness and nausea was spreading. Had a headache cos didnt get much sleep the night before as expected.

At this point i abandoned use of the phone. Who has time to update people?

Its a slow waiting game. But cervix check was like come check cos everything was numb.

Other rooms getting more regular contractions but mine remained quite slope-like 😭

At 12plus the gynae said everything seems ok... but as the afternoon progressed my cervix wasnt opening fast enough. 4pm she raised the likelihood of e-csec because the baby’s heartbeat took a longer time to get back to normal

Told us she would come back at 4.30 after increasing the contractions and see how baby responded.

Nurses started getting ready the forms and prepping for e-csec. Hubby and I were still hoping for a miracle

5.30pm: baby’s heartbeat plunged after one strong contraction. Though subsequently it recovered for the next, hubby freaked and called the nurse. Nurse called doctor who made the decision to csec. Was pretty upset.

Hubby kept saying it was ok. Tried what we could already. But i was like... if i had know i would just directly have gone for csec instead of enduring 12 hours of labour 😭

6pm we went into OR.

Dosage of epidural upped so that i would feel even less sensation. Couldnt see what was happening everything was pretty much a blur.

Hubby came in and held my hand while they took him out. No pain at first but alot of tugging. At the end it was pretty painful because they needed to push him out from my chest down, as the incision was pretty small. I think my chest is bruised.

6.18pm: he’s out! Screaming like a crow :o

They put him in my arms and he stopped crying.

Up till now he hasnt opened his eyes leh 🤔

So freaking exhausted...

Tried latching him 3 times, 8.30pm, 11.30pm and 1.30am. He refused to latch at 1.30 so we had to try again at 2.15 (refused) and another time at 3.30am. Colostrum long ago came in even before delivery so I wasn’t very worried.

I am terrible at holding Lucas 😭 can’t get his mouth to open wide enough for a very nice latch, but so far my nipples like ok. Hope he’s had enough.

Hubby dealing with his crying. He wet his diaper.

He finally settled for the night at 4pmish.

Wanted to latch again at 7am but they took him for his bath.

Hubby needs to learn how to change diapers better cos Lucas peed his blankie :o but hes getting the hang of swaddling.

Two noobs and a crying baby!

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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charlenez smooth delivery!

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whitechoco Jia you Cheryl! Have a smooth delivery!

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princesscake Camping for birth story! Have a smooth delivery!

1 month ago

chrissyohj (avatar)

chrissyohj update update hahaha. I'm so excited imma be an aunt!!!

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arissang (avatar)

arissang Jiayou!! Smooth delivery!!!

1 month ago

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lynnieroll Congrats!! Rest well!

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mandalogy21 Congrats!!

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felicetsy Congratulations!!!

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vanessaxlim Congrats!!!! ♥️

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weeshan Congrats! 😊

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