Cheryl Ong (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

Testing out the Haenim sterilizer after trying out spectra pump.

I like that you just need to wash the pump parts and bottles and you can just plonk it in and press auto. Compared to a steam steriliser i think this is a lot more hassle free?

But steam steriliser is faster though you have to either dry with paper towels or air dry after that. This one have to wait 30 mins under auto mode. 🤔 even then i had some bits of water which refused to dry. So i had to put it in for another 20 mins 😑

I read somewhere that you’re supposed to give your washed parts 4-5 shakes before placing it in for best results. Oops I guess thats why not everything was dry??

But definitely this uv sterilizer is more convenient than a steam one. Worth the money for now, will update again when I actually start using it frequently!


Day 2

Wednesday, 2 Jan 2019

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