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Yesterday’s baby pink dress! Loveeee this shade it makes me feel so girly! I wore this pink dress, pink eyeshadow and......

A pink drink in the morning 😍

Realized I’ve got pink nails too 💅🏻

Went on a double date yesterday and we watched the movie Us. It’s produced and directed by the same producer as the movie Get Out. Jordan Peele. He’s also one half of the comedy duo Key & Peele.

My gosh this was such a tiring movie to watch! It’s thrilling, lots of excitement and a huge plot twist at the end.

After the movie, my bf and I kept googling for fan theories and ending explanations. Watch it if you haven’t! It’s scary but not in the ghostly horror kind. More thrilling heart racing kind of film.


One of my favourite explanations!!! It’s actually a huge clue to the plot twist in the middle of the movie, and in plain sight but I didn’t think of it at all?!?!

Also, there was a theory that the Son was also switched with the Tethered at one point. Because at the end of the movie, he put his mask back on after realizing the true identity of his mum, as though saying that he knew, and that he was going to keep that “mask” aka new identity on forever.

Another fan theory 🤔

Gym today! Why is it so difficult to grow them abssssss!!!! Of course, I know diet plays a huge role haha! But well, been there done that. Totally not worth it to forgo my fav foods. I’ll work with what I’ve got 😛

Dosirak after! Thank god for Burpple Beyond hehehe! 🙌🏻

With this one 😍

The star of the show is actually the teokbokki at the back! So so flavorful and good! Slurps I’m craving for it again 🤤

Day 89

Saturday, 30 Mar 2019

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hzmz_ (avatar)

hzmz_ 😍❤️❤️

1 month ago

shannonbombya (avatar)

shannonbombya There’s a youtube video that explains why the son was switched!!! I can’t stop freaking out during the movie omg🤣🤣

1 month ago

fxxna (avatar)

fxxna Pink looks lovely on u babe!! 😍

1 month ago

happyliang97 (avatar)

happyliang97 U look so guuud

1 month ago

wlwlwl (avatar)

wlwlwl The dress looks very nice on you!!

1 month ago

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