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Good morning!!!!! 🌞 So sooooo tired right now and running on adrenaline (and hopefully caffeine soon in a bit) right now but I just wanted to document this here!

So last night I stayed out late drinking with my colleagues then clubbing with my Cousin and some friends. Didn’t expect myself to stay out late that night but the entire night, my bf stayed up and did not go to sleep even though I kept asking him to 😭

And after sending my Friend home, I couldn’t get a grab home and my phone battery was running dangerously low on 3%. I didn’t have much cash on me as well. Told my bf about my situation and he replied with,

“I’ll come get you now!”

He drove over moments later to pick me, and passed me this box of chocolates when I entered the car :”)

At that moment of helplessness, tiredness and hunger, I couldn’t have described a better knight-in-shining-armour moment 😍

Even though I like to chide him for not being the romantic type sometimes, last night was a huge reminder of how much he loves me 🥰

So here’s a reminder, to appreciate and love him for who he is. That sweet words or material gifts are not always true gestures of love but genuine actions that speak so much more :)

My holy grail 🙌🏻 Yakun’s steamed bread is my absoluteeeee favo 😍 The best way to cure a hangover!

Also, so many people are having Yakun’s breakfast today on my feed!

So Glad I got to meet you today! @better Hehe laughing about life and ourselves, dreaming of our future and ranting about current situations. Press on my dear! 💪🏻

I’ve aged so much sobs what has the corporate world done to me!!!!!!

Best wonton mee ever!!! Hahaha good food happy tummy happy life 😋

Day 96

Saturday, 6 Apr 2019

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