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April 2019

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February 2019

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Reno Contractor Recommendations?

Realized going with contractors can be risky because most of them don't have much reviews or social media platforms to see their works. Really appreciate your recommendations! 🙏#dayrehomes

January 2019

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Defects Checks

Playing a fool after defects check today 😬⚔️Saw that our neighbour beside us started Reno already! Wanted to say Hi but they weren't around ):#dayrehomes#dayrehome

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Some frustrations to share about our bto layout... Have been forewarned about ugly windows and it happened to be at our MBR's side. 😭 It's like if we go with blinds, we'll have to separate them into 2 x 1 panels. If we go with curtains, there's gonna be an awkward gap. 🤦#Dayrehomes#ProjectAJhome#Dayrereno

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