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You can call me Bun Bun too 😄

June 2019

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2 Days to EDD + Weird Encounters During Pregnancy

So..... we are 2 days away from EDD. Goodness, can’t believe we made it this far. You are awesome, my baby love! 🥰(The book title is ‘When the world was waiting for you’)Last night, I had my first preview of contractions. It’s exactly like they described, in the abdomen, kinda like punchy menstrual cramps. But knowing it’s not a sign of a period but of the tiny human inside of you trying to find the exit door, the pain was coupled with shock, anxiety, and fear.

May 2019

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Let’s start from the very beginning.....

Out of the 8 mummies in our group chat, 5 have popped! June babies became May babies. I hope mine remains as a June baby. As long as we hit June, ok I don’t mind anytime. Every time someone pops, I will repack my hospital bag 🤣 Some nights when I have insomnia I find myself in baby’s room, just soaking in the last moments of serenity, with the mountain of things prepared for Baby Mode’s arrival. It calms me down. And then it makes me anxious too. 😂

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Baby Shower Culture - Yes or No?

JJ Lin crooned a ballad to me while looking into my eyes. Suddenly, the world around me started crumbling. Everything shattered into large glass pieces. I barely held on to a yellow plate, hanging on for dear life, legs dangling in mid air. I shouted to the other survivors “HOLD ON TO BUMBLEBEE! HOLD ON TO BUMBLEBEE!!” It was a giant-sized Bumblebee and we were on its face, ant-sized. Kinda like how a person would look relative to the Statue of Liberty.

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Choose Your Gynae Well Hor. Don’t Regret!

Hello Dayre can I upload pictures liao maaaaaa??? Test test. Wallaw can liao. Ok later I update. Gonna go collect my ezbuy stuff first. Actually I’ve been trying for the past 8 days to update but Dayre persistently refused my posts. When I did a full draft of like 30 ‘squares’, it didn’t allow me to post either. No matter how many times I killed and relaunched the app I couldn’t post anything. So I deleted the app, thereby deleting all my drafts, but it still didn’t work. Pek cek. 😫

April 2019

I’ve been trying to upload images so many times today! But it always shows ‘failed to upload’. Yet at the same time I see people updating with images. Whutttt... 😓 Why is the bug random??@blog

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