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October 2018

50: bad decisions

When you decide to harden up and work despite having a terrible headache, but the loud chatters surrounding you won’t stop. It’s only 8.26am.I miss my morning peace and quiet.

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A rather odd request, but I’m looking for a portrait/ootd kinda photographer (not those formal occasions for wedding tho) and was wondering if you guys have any recommendation?

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Back to work it is~ I’m really glad that I managed to tidy the hell out of our house, with a nice finishing touch by my helper who made our house so sparkling clean today. Next up, it will be time to declutter unused/unwanted stuff! Since I can’t fix my current situation, least I can do is fix my house 🙊

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Spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the house and throwing a whole lot of junk out but I’m still not done :/ In fact, hubs was commenting that he hopes I have a whole lot to giveaway too 😏

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Goodbye2Acne Workshop!

Anyway, I’m excited to share this upcoming workshop that I’m collaborating with Ryan and #irenskin. It’s a topic that I am super passionate about and was what got me started blogging as well... acne care! I’ve often talked about how bad my skin used to be and how it has finally cleared over the years. Same as Ryan who used to have worse acne than me, and we really tried and tested loads of skincare before settling down to our current routine. #dayrebeauty

Hello October 🙋🏼‍♀️

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