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Wrecking Mess 2019

Realised how this is my first post of the year 2019?

HAHAHAHA my laziness got the better of me but actually I AM JUST TOO SHAG HELP!

So glad that I CLEARED MY FYP + presentation!

and today i finally handed up my Systems Design Project (another big project apart from the well-known FYP) + the poster!

Just left with 2 more presentation (one to the school and one to the company I am assigned to for this project!)

Just one more month till this semester end, yet i still have abt 2-3 more assignments to go and 1 more project which we havent even start! OHMYGOD HELP!

So many things, so little time! Not forgetting... job hunt... ):

Is this like part of growing up? BECAUSE I AM HONESTLY NOT READY TO BE AN ADULT! Not ready to earn my own money and manage my own expenses! NOT READY!

But then again... this is life, never ever ready is the way to live...

Still i wanna post some pictures of my accomplishments! Wew!

Since well, once in a life time...!


Mandatory submitting report boomerang!

That shag face from only sleeping 1 hour the night before... HELP!

Me standing before my major department HAHAHAHA

Wew my warmly printed report

Would never forget this project seriously!

Feasting after FYP SUBMISSION

YESH! Look at the steamboat meal that I ate with fc and jl 🙆🏻‍♀️





Much effort to build a simulation model of such big scale!


Army stew with @watchmenaenae

Lola with @ohimclaire

Look at this pretty box... GUESS WHATS INSIDE!

Tata! A customised name necklace that @watchmenaenae gave me! I SUPER LIKE IT WEW! So pretty!

Our normal year cny photo taking begins!


Mandatory zodiac of the year photo

Goofy girls with mandarin oranges behind

The girls

The day where we walk pass amkss again! WEW

Val day 2019

Val day --- pizza delivery for dinner

(What a nice val day date!)

Fc trying hard to fix my val present for him hehee

Its like a photo frame but with a "jig-saw" type of photo!

Hehehe i still so proud of my own ideas! Although its like rubbish ideas which dont help me score well academically =____=

Time zone

GETTING CRAZY OVER TZ THESE DAYS! Look at those tickets wew yay love much!

Jackpot item that i got from the sweet candy land!

Golden ticket from my coin game machine!

Another jackpot item earned! Cinnamon roll is cutez

Okay, its the end of my long long post!

Got so much more photos but im lazy to make them square so.... oh well~

Till the next time ^^

Day 87

Thursday, 28 Mar 2019

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