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August 2019

I feel like shit today. Can I rant? Sorry I only update Dayre when I feel like shit. πŸ˜…

One of my current colleague/ staff gave me 4 IQ questions yesterday. I couldn’t answer the first question which 90% of the peeps got right. But I could answer the last question where only 1% of the people got right πŸ˜…This is so typical me. Not at the same frequency with 90% of human population due to aloofness, but getting along wit the 1% weird characters only. Bcos the brain wires differently πŸ˜…

Scrolling through fb on scmp news on HK is really shocking. I can’t believe this is happening in HK. Just watching all the protest videos is making my head dizzy.

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One for the grunge.

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When you can fit your organic soap, bamboo toothbrush & powder toothpaste purchase in your new bag without worrying whether it fits, whether it will get dirty or whether there will be any wear & tear. So much yes πŸ˜‚

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My new bag arrived from Matches and I’m 100% happy! Except I still think mytheresa > matches x100. Cheaper too. Too bad mytheresa sold out.

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