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April 2019

So... Cause people are immigrating out of Dayre, they decided to stop implementing Dayre 2.0 out of a sudden???????What's up, huh?

I look at my past and see why I've become the adult I am today.My childhood; my parents and the circumstances I've been through.I know I ought not to blame them but you know, sometimes you carry too much baggage and you have nowhere to put them?No wonder, some adults end up cultivating poor habits and addictions to curb with pain, because they don't have proper support.////

Naive 12 year old me thought the world would be all unicorns and rainbows but now at 2x, I eat back my words.I used to think I'd fall in love and be with that person happily ever after.Who knew relationships are so much work?And 2 people who love each other doesn't necessarily mean they'd be together, right?

Isolating myself at bestVery very very drainedDon't wish to be around people

It's okayIt's okayIt's okayHave hopeHave hopeHave hopeYou are better than yesterdayYou are better than yesterdayYou are better than yesterday

I had the WORST dream.Dreamt that my mother killed herself and that pain, was so one of a kind and out the word.Woke up in tears because it felt so so so real.:'-(((((((((((((And I proceeded to spam call the mother hahahahaha.

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