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January 2019

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To all my fellow fresh graduates who ~may~ earn a monthly salary of $3k (i suppose that's a realistic average?), we're only earning $13/h??? Which is shocking la you can get a part time job for $12/h nowadays, only less cushy.ALSO it made me realize how well paid tutors are wtf. If I had a student who ever paid me $30/h that's like x2 of my full time pay leh wtf!!!! Quit sua no wonder the tuition industry is so lucrative I SEE IT NOW

Ughh old people taking up my seats during the morning peak hour. Why you come out at this hour I also want to sit de 😢


Paid a visit to a skin doctor for the first time and... it ~damaged~ my mood for the rest of the day. I didn't know not having money would feel so worrying?!It was $256 for my first visit today, and compared to my friend's past experiences and also my mum's friend who said they paid $170, I can't help but feel ripped off?? Was it my chipped manicure that did me in?!

WOAW i just adult-ed and it feels... adulting LOL.Now that my credit card rebates (in the form of qoo10 credits) are really non-withdrawable... I'd really rather get it in cash?! I hate how most credit cards require an income sobs I don't have 1 yet!! And they want like 12months of history smth LMAO i don't even have 1 month's worth ok!I've set my sights on some ccs alrdy but I can only apply after my first payslip fakkuuu and to complicate matters... it's only a contract job for 6 months!!

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refash s u x

I think the arrival hall is a gr8 place to take warm, candid photos. If only I could take photos w my eyes

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