I might be obsessed with my son. And myself. 💁

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Wed, 17 Sep 2014

Day 260

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Today's pic spam of Dashie pie before I sleep!! He has a box with a mixture of blueberries and graduate puffs and he is picking out what he wants to pop into his mouth.

Blueberry! Dash sounds so cute when he says blueberry. Blue-bee-wee


Oh and I got my Sony Nex back!! Woohoo!! (Thus the awesome photos)

But had to pay $220 for new lens 😡 even though it's under warranty.

How long more is he gonna have fat cheeks??

Coconut head

Everything round round ⚪️

Posted these laughing shots on Instagram... Ok lah just post three on Dayre instead of the nine repetitive shots I took.

He is so adorable. 😍 laughing when I said "bomm!"

Can u see his molars??? All four are out!

Rolling around on the couch

Sandy toes and salty kisses

Sorry the couch-lolling pics aren't ending yet but I promise you at least some of the photos are pretty entertaining.

"Are you sure mom?"

Quite sure, one looks like a scene from a classic scary movie. But performed by a baby.


Where are the thigh folds gone?!?!

Ok here's Dash's doing ridiculous poses. Three legged downward dog

What the

Speechless. This baby... Too active for words!

Here's an entertaining picture 😒 exorcist pose Dash.

Hehehehe I'm so flexible.

Heart attack trying to stop him from rolling off the couch a billion times.

And now he is sliding down the table. Of course.

Took Dash to the water park at Tampines 1 today with @mystylemysong and it was nice there!! I felt like Boris in the sticker.

Just spam the pics my arms getting sore wtf

Featuring shuyins nice legs

Dash can really talk so much nowadays. He is 1 year, 5 months and 15 days and today he surprised me by saying "手牵手 一步两步 望着天” 😳

He came home, found his beloved pillow and told his pillow "I miss you!" Before burying his face in it.

Then he sang almost the entire ABC song with me filling in only perhaps 6 of the 26 letters!

The previous caption had nothing to do with the photo in case you are wondering. Neither does this. Lol

Shuyin got tired and decided to rest.

Cheeky face

Lil frog

Digressing again. Now that I always see kids when I bring Dash to kid-friendly places, I feel dread about him growing up.

Because a lot of the older kids, 5 and above, I realised, are really quite unlikeable and annoying. About 70-80% I would say are attention seeking and would bother people who would rather be left alone (me).

Attention seeking isn't that bad if they are sweet and polite. Most are just quite bratty.

And then there is the 20% who are downright horrible.

About a week ago I left Ellen and Dash at an indoor playground while I went for an appt for 1 hr. When I was back, Ellen said a kid in the playground kept disturbing them and following them around, snatching the toys Dash wanted to play with from him. (The toys are communal but there are many to go around, he didn't need to do that)

When Dash touched one of the cubes he claimed was his, he told Ellen:

“If you or your baby touch that I will hit your baby.”

Can you believe that?!?! Wtf?!

And of course the terror's parents/guardians are nowhere to be found. Good lord.

Just two days ago another little girl about 6 was following Dash around when I brought him to spin his favourite wheel.

He was minding his own business spinning when the girl pointed at him and said fiercely. "NO! You don't do that." Wtf! Fuck off and stop bothering us lah!

Luckily her grandfather told her to leave us alone.

Anyway if you think that isn't so bad, later on we were strapping Dash into his pram to leave. (Couldn't stand her annoying presence anymore and her shadowing)

She wanted to run from point A to B and our pram was on the middle. She shoved right through us, I don't know if deliberately or what, then glared at us and announced "HATE YOU!"

Wtf?! I swear till this point I didn't exhibit any hostility towards her even though I was irritated by her.


Why and how and what went wrong to make them so so so nasty?!

I know Dash is supposed to socialize with other children. But if the playground is full of these horrible kids, then I'll much rather he plays by himself or just with me.

Sigh. Please duapehkong boh bi don't let Dash then out like this.

Thank god there are still nice kids around. Yesterday Dash played around a sweet little girl for an hour peacefully.

As in they tolerated each other's existence even though they were in each other's personal space. Lol

Dash doesn't care for other babies or kids. 😳 I don't know if I'm overthinking it but I think he finds babies or young toddlers dull because they don't engage him in speech like adults do? I hope it's not some social impediment.

Nose digging

Then eat it!!!!!!!

Yummy in mah tummy!! Booger meal


Happy puff

Happy happy puff!

Nice pic of the two of them!

Digging for gold after the success in his nose

Why not

Came home rolling on the couch again

Help roll the fatty up!!

Yay we did it!!

Shuyin took this pic while I was reading to Dash... This was a great candid moment shot.

The book read "I love you even when you are sneezy"

After I read that, Dash suddenly said "Ah ah ah ah ahhhhh CHOOOO!"

Both me and Shuyin burst out laughing but apparently he doesn't feel he said anything funny.

Why u so funny de BBM?

My friend ripple decided to called Dash BBM because one of my many embarrassing nicknames for him is Bao Bei Mao 宝贝猫 which means "precious kitty". Lol


Lol I was doing peekaboo with his hands

Poor baby bullied by me 😂

Current fave book it's Pooh Bear with a baby fresh out of a bath on the cover and he calls it "冲凉凉了喔!"

Last pic!! Blog time: 1 hr!! Good night!!

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