I might be obsessed with my son. And myself. 💁

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Sun, 27 Jul 2014

Day 208

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Dashie pictures spam time!!

I was reading my old dayre posts yesterday night and laughed my butt off at some of the captions I wrote!! My memory is super bad so I forgot all of them!! Hahaha!

It then occurred to me that I'm a hilarious writer and I should be sharing my talents more often, including with myself since I also enjoy my forgotten works lol.

If you are thinking I'm not funny that's purely because you don't have a sense of humour ok? Ahem.

So. Dash pic spam.

Dash enjoying his swim


You liking your swim dash?

"Yes, two thumbs up!!"


Best do some stretching

Balls for sale, anyone???

Er... Anyone???? Hello?

More for me then

Want this? 😉

Oh hey little turtle!! 🐢🐢🐢

"Oh?? You are a dinosaur??"

"Oh don't worry I understand... Sometimes people don't believe I exist either, they say I'm so cute I must be photoshopped by mommy."

"What do you mean I'm not even that cute and that you've seen many cuter babies??!"

"Like I'm gonna listen to a turtle who believes he is a dinosaur. Pfft."


Dash is almost 16 months now.

He is becoming so vocal it is scary!!

Just today he walked up to me and requested "mama hide", "mama read", and his favourite of all, "mama draw"... He loves it when I draw his favourite things on the etch a sketch!!

He kept requesting me to draw pigpig and crocodile!

It's a very sweet feeling when your child walks up to you and requests your attention... But of course he is still so young now.

I'm guessing this will happen very often in the future and I won't be feeling so gratified about it anymore lol.

Look what @mystylemysong did to him while I accidentally fell asleep on the couch lol!!

She made his hair like that and taught him to say "it's me!" in response to "who is so handsome?"

He found it very funny and kept laughing.



Lol x 3 not handsome at all sorry Dash hahaha

He was super amused by the "It's me"!

Look at the ah siao feeding him yoghurt.

Dash is mad in love with Shuyin and keeps asking her to come over to our house.

Stomping around

So cute 😱

Lol sliding in and making a grand entrance. *dramatic dash*

Ewwwwww what's that you just fed me?!?!

Someone's exhausted

Master of poses

I love biscuits!!!

Check it out hahaha


Let me show you how to eat a biscuit!!

First balance it in your mouth...

Then you noms it!!! 😋😋😋

Suck it all at once even if that's hard

Like this!!


And done!!!

Should I go for my next piece??

Wait, you say my weight is what now?

Oh yeah look at this belly, I really shouldn't.

It's all YOUR FAULT you carb laden piece of temptation!!!

Only gluten free from now on Mommy.

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