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Tue, 28 Oct 2014

Day 301 : My Merry Baby

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When I was a baby and a kid I was super crazy active. I Remember I used to climb onto walls, chairs, bartops and jump down, much to the anger of my poor mother having a heart attack watching me.

If it's less than 5 kerbs of stairs, I'll jump down rather than walk down.

And now I have Dash, who appears to be exactly the same. He isn't jumping off high furniture yet, but he has just learnt how to hop.

He somersaults, does weird yoga poses... Basically he moves nonstop all day long.

I may be worried he will fall down, but one thing I never had to worry about is diaper leakage.

Go at him go wearing his Merries Walker Pants!

Whether climbing on everything...

Or stretching...

Or stretching with finesse...

Or walking like a sumo wrestler...

Or airborne...

Or winning flexibility awards...

Or proving one can balance with one limb suspended...

Or attempting sexy poses...

And more sexy poses...


Embarrassment at being caught moonwalking...

Running away from monsters...

Or doing baby push ups...


As I mentioned before I used some other diaper brands when Dash was younger, once was when he was first born and lots of hampers I received included diapers so I just used them.

Second time was when I was in USA and merries wasn't being sold there.

But otherwise, all the time I'm using Merries.

It's been almost 9 months since I've touched other diaper brands and I've since gotten spoilt.

I take it for granted that diapers don't leak. They don't let my baby have discomfort. They should fit perfectly.

But I've forgotten that those times I used other brands, leakages did happen. Some other brands don't fit as well, causing red marks around Dash's thighs or waist.

Now that Dash is walking, he is wearing his Walker Pants often.

When he is outside and there isn't a changing station, it's so much easier to just pull up his walker pants while he is standing rather than make him lie down, which he hates.

Merries Walker pants is great because

- it's not tight even on bulging tummies. This I can testify to because Dash has a bulging tummy.

Somehow, with some magical formula the waistband fits very snugly but also doesn't allow leakages!

- it doesn't shift or slip, no matter how active baby is!! The soft elastic gathers fit snugly around the waist and thighs, but also allows freedom of movement!

- Flexi-Fit "W" shape... The diapers are so soft they transform into a flexible W shape at the crotch area to accommodate baby's limb movements!

- better fit at crotch area:

For the first time today I noticed that there are three diagonal cuts made to the exterior diaper surface and this somehow improves the diaper fit at the crotch!! Don't ask me how, it must be some amazing physics here! #japanesesorcery

Just now I was surfing the Merries website when I came across something interesting. I saw an article that showed how Merries diapers are made! Since dayre cannot do links I just printscreen the interesting bits.

They actually have a robot that mimic babies' movements!! 😳

Other than putting a lot into research, Merries is also extremely stringent about their safety for the babies.

There are scans and all kinds of checks before a single diaper comes out of the factory.

This makes me feel safe... After all the diapers touch our babies' tender bits!!

So I digressed. Back to the topic...


Just snap a picture of your baby in the most flexible position wearing Merries Walker Pants and post it on Merries' facebook wall!


Five lucky winners will get a Merries backpack!!

Behold, Dash wearing the backpack:

Ok some jump shots

Dash goes to school!!

Good luck!!!!

Post some more baby shots to end the post... May as well!!

Ok last one kthxbye

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