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Tue, 21 Oct 2014

Day 294 : Parents' Paranoia: Pedophiles

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Lol check out my alliterating title yo!!

Anyway wanna blog about a serious-ish topic today. Ok I guess pedophilia is as serious as it gets.

So I randomly found this cute account of two toddler twin girls on IG and followed it.

The girls are really adorable!! And very pretty. And they are identical!

However, their mom sometimes posts photos of them that are so cute I actually start to worry that pedophiles are probably wanking off to the pictures or something... They aren't babyish anymore, they look like young little girls.

The mom posted this and I almost cannot bring myself to repost it.

It's a completely innocent picture. It's a little girl in her swimwear. And no I do not find it arousing in the least. (Wtf why do I have to clarify that?)

But I feel like I can see a pedophile liking this, and it makes me feel like gagging just thinking about it. Actually, I'm literally gagging now wtf. Ok stop imagining the worst.

I'm not blaming the mom. She, as the Twins' mother, probably just sees the picture as cute and didn't think too much into it.

The last time I posted a photo of Dash bathing (no privates or anything), someone also said something about perverts on the Internet.

I scolded that person because I found it ridiculous that someone will ever find his fatty lumps arousing... But it's true, it's rare but there ARE people who like babies I guess. Omg I'm gonna gag again.

This got me thinking about so much stuff...

As a parent, we all love to post our children's photos online as we document their happiness and milestones.

Since pedophiles can be virtually anywhere including among your own private fb friends, does it mean to protect our children we should post any of their photos?

Theoretically, although distasteful, I guess a pedophile wanking off to your child's photo isn't harming him.

Provided he isn't leaving gross comments. And I guess pedophiles won't do that if they are smart coz the law is very strict about catching them.

Even if we don't post our children's photos, I'm guessing pedophiles will always hang out in playgrounds, waterparks, swimming pools, barney's shows etc. Does it mean we don't bring our children out since they can secretly snap pics of our kids and wank later?

No conclusion to this confusing questions. What do you guys think? Pic of daughter in bikini? Yes, you are overthinking shit and being paranoid... Or No, you shouldn't tempt the pedophiles...

Since I'm not a pedophile, nor thankfully, know anyone who is one I have no idea what they like and what, as I parent, I should do to avoid them.

Tell you all a scary story that I blogged about before years ago but will retell again here.

β€œWhen I was 11 I met a pedophile.”

They are real.

And just as I said, they hang out at playgrounds. Or at least my pedophile did.

I was at the playground with my 4 other female classmates, dressed in our primary school uniform after class.

I had told my mom I had remedial classes so she thought I was in school. 😳 sorry Momo.

Anyway it was about 4pm in the afternoon.

We hung out at the playground just sitting on the swings, singing pop songs, chatting.

There was this middle aged chinese uncle who was alone, just sitting on the swing by himself, watching us.

Now that I'm thinking back of that day, he is actually really bold.

Anyway it was in the middle of broad daylight and I had 4 friends with me so none of us feared him, just thought him odd and completely ignored him.

Later, two of my classmates left, leaving only three of us still there.

We were sitting on the merry go round, still ignoring him.

(Digressing I'm blogging this out of a memory that's more than 19 years old. I must have gotten some details wrong. I should revisit my old blog post and compare. But should be mostly correct lah.)

From his position on the swing, he moved to sit beside us at the merry go round.

We went quiet as we looked at him and realised something was wrong.

He was touching his erected penis while looking at us.

We screamed and pelted.

I swear I never felt so scared in my life or ran that fast. If I were a cartoon my feet would have been spinning wheels and I would have left my skin behind.

I was so freaking unlucky because my two friends put their bags at one side of the playground while I put mine on the other side.

They both grabbed their bags and ran off in the same direction (all HDB blocks surrounding us), while I, in mad hysteria, still had the bravery to run TOWARDS the pervert and grab my bag, THEN u-turn and follow my friends, 50m behind.

I was so scared he will catch me and grab me!!

So much for friendship, my two friends never stopped to check if I'm taken. πŸ˜’

Anyway we ran far away till we reached a hdb block and one of them decided he wasn't chasing us so we should quickly go into a lift and pretend to punch some levels and hide somewhere.

Later on we decided to seek help with an adult because we were afraid he was still downstairs, any adult living in any of the hdb units we randomly knocked on.

And so three out of breath school girls knocked on doors.

First door was an uneducated old auntie and she couldn't understand us and probably thought we wanted to scam her somehow so she slammed her door shut. I swear! You get attacked by a bloody pedophile and this is the treatment you get!

Second door we tried was an Indian lady we let us in. Unfortunately she was also an old auntie.

Despite her hospitality, she wasn't too concerned about the bloody pedophile at all!

I think 19 years ago perhaps this sort of thing was pretty common. In fact, I've personally seen 4 or 5 other strangers wanking in front of me all the way until I was about 21. In buses, in corridors, flashers etc. FML.

That Indian auntie didn't call the cops or go seek out the pervert. I think she simply allowed us to use her phone.

My friends called their parents to fetch them but because momo didn't know I wasn't in class, I didn't dare to call her.

I walked home by myself trembling in my Batas. And I just realized that till today I have recurring nightmares of being lost in the blocks there with some faceless bad guy chasing me. πŸ˜’ thanks a lot pedophile!

Anyway I never went to that playground again. But I still had to walk past it on my way home, and once, I saw him sitting there again. I gave him a wide berth.

His was the first erected penis I ever saw. How tragic.

Wanna know my first impression?

β€œWtf why is it so red?? Is that his.... Penis?? It doesn't look like my baby brother's (2 at that time)!"”

While I was still deciding if it is indeed his appendage my classmates were screaming so I assumed it was.

Till today have no idea why it's so red. Maybe he rubbed it sore from all the little girls he was terrorizing.

I can't believe till today this fucker is probably still scot free. Stupid HDB aunties!!! Why can't we have met some more righteous people?

Oh wait I have a vague impression the auntie did go down with us to see if the man was still there. Did she? Ok fine I don't remember.

Anyway... Pedophiles.

I guess most people will just immediately think they are all horrible evil creatures that deserve to die.

I agree for the pedophiles who act on their desires.

But after thinking more about the issue and reading reddit accounts of real pedophiles, I've started to have a more open point of view.

If you support homosexuality, then surely you understand that who, or what, you are sexually attracted to isn't a choice.

We straight "normal" people, the majority who are attracted to the opposite sex around our age, will never understand what it's like to be attracted to anyone otherwise.

Of course, gays aren't like pedophiles, they are attracted to people who are willing, mentally mature consenting adults.

But if a pedophile is attracted to kids, but he knows it's wrong so he doesn't ever act on it, should we still persecute him?

Is it actually better if he wanks off to swimsuit photos of toddlers at home than to control his desires so much it one day overwhelms him and he decided to try his luck on a young girl/boy?

Can therapy actually help? If you like big boobs, do you think therapy will make you stop liking big boobs?

I liked zac Efron when he was 17 and I was 20.

Thankfully he has grown older with me but what if, when I'm 50, I still like 17 year old zac?! 😳

As for people who are into beastiality... It can be argued that raping an animal is taking advantage of it so it's wrong but on reddit a man wrote about how he likes his dogs, erm, penetrating him.

He said the dogs really enjoy it.

I have to say I find it disgusting because I don't find animals attractive but to judge him for his weird sexual taste and to fornicate with erm... His partner... who is actually enjoying it... How is that different from judging homosexuality?

I guess at the end of the day we are all born with sexual desires we cannot control. We are just wired that way.

Nobody should force sex upon unwilling parties or parties who cannot even consent (children or animals or mentally disabled).

We are all hard wired to think that pedophiles, zoophiles and incestrous people ought to be lynched on sight.

But upon deeper consideration, maybe, if they don't physically harm anyone, are they really so wrong?

Should zoophiles be allowed to let animals have sex with them? I guess diseases will spread but so does STD among humans.

If an incestrous couple both are infertile (tubes tied etc) and won't birth an inbred child, are they really wrong?

Food for thought. What do you guys think?

Not relevant to the heavy topic but Dash opened his book today to this page , waddled over to me and said "make the sound!"

Coz the previous time I read this page to him I made the pfffffttt sound. I always think he may not be paying attention to the things I say or maybe can't comprehend but he is noticing every word and remembering! 😍

He is 1 year 6 months and he is starting to form his own creative sentences! It's crazy!

That day, I told him "mama sing a song?" And apparently I chose a song he didn't care for so guess what he said?!

"The end. It's ok. It's alright."

He said that!! Everyone almost died laughing.

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