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Tue, 18 Feb 2014

Day 49

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12.49 am I guess I have let my Dayre to die. Well, I was kinda busy. You know, for a medical student this isn't surprising at all. And with all the new subjects coming in. Current mood: Feeling lazy with all of my biochemistry notes all over the place. Sigh.

Let's see.. how about I fill you in with some of my pictures? This is me during my microbiology class. We were supposed to stain some bacteria with some dye and I chose E.coli and a blue dye. I actually don't care what the colour is my dye is haha. Well, my lecturer did it really great. It is a beautiful sarcina, just like a bunch of grapes. Mine was just meh.

Erm.. this is one of my signature looks. I looked silly hehe.

Ya ya, I know I looked like a typical nerd with thick glasses and with the tie and all. Well, nerd is awesome. I'm bringing the preppy style back. ;)

I love taking picture so much! Especially when I looked pretty in them ;) I managed to grab my best friend-roomie-groupmate to snap a picture for me. ;)

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