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Sat, 20 Sep 2014

Day 263 :

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Life has been nothing but busy for me 😩
My campus activities have been increasing steadily ever since I stepped into hall life in NTU.
Hall activities, ODAC, cheer and what-not.
It is fun nonetheless, but I feel that I am stretching myself too thin and I need to STOP STRETCHING.
All these are taking a toll on my studies ohman.

Finally managed to squeeze out some time to update this rotting space of mine.
Tons of backlogged photos in my camera roll, I can't wait to blog it out!!

First up!! Colour run 😊😊
Omg colour run was held on the 30th of august and it is 20th of September now.
It has been almost a month?!
No no noooo time is passing by way too quickly.

So anyway, I finally experienced colour run! I was so disappointed that I couldn't get the tix last year and I was damn determined to get it this year AND I DID.
I literally checked their page everyday ever since the header "coming soon" was up on their web.
This shows that hardwork do pay off. LOL

Colour run was good! But the company made it better 😉💋

Strong boys 😍😍 but we are not that heavy so... HAHAHA.

Attendance 4/5 cause Chao was busy protecting the country and keeping us safe!

Here's a piece of advice for you if you're planning to go colour run in the subsequent years!!!!!
Never ever use flashlight in your photos when you still have your colour on.
It turns colour run to zombie run.

But melv and I did had a really good laugh at those photos despite how horrible we looked LOLOL.

Will I go for colour run again next year?

The answer is NO HAHAAHAHA.
"This kind of thing once is enough." -Darren
Agreed! ☝️

HSL's birthday!!!!
HSL stands for "Han sup loh".
I have no idea how to spell but it means pervert in Cantonese LOL.
We call him that cause it fits him too well 😄

All of us were dressed in pink that day! It is his favorite colour apparently, so we came up with this dress code called "GO PINK OR GO HOME."
Sound like some pink dot movement 😅

Thank you for your 24/7 entertainment, you never fail to bring laughters to the group even when you are just, sitting there, doing nothing. 😂

Introducing to you, Ding, MY ROOMIE!!!

Next up!!! Farewell dinner for Majorie who had left for Manchester to further her studies.

We had a simple dinner at canton paradise at Jcube and we couldn't resist taking photos with all the decorative signboards there!

The happiest person is the prettiest!!!☀️☀️☀️

Jcube underwent some minor revamping and I think it is really cool now!!! Go check it out if you haven't HAHAHA.
They must have felt really insecure after the opening of JEM and Westgate LOL.

Hahaha Marj 💋💋💋

Sent Marj off at the airport the next day :-(

It was a very emotional moment, especially when we witness Marj bidding goodbye to her family.
We will miss you Marj see you soon S08's BEST ACM.
Hope things are going great for you there!

Switching to a lighter note, celebrated mid autumn festival with Seltics up on the hill of ADM!

Hehe I love my looney tunes lantern (photo bombed by enci LOL)

The child in us were all unleashed that night! 🌌

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