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Mon, 1 Sep 2014

Day 244 :

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Taken during the pageant bash rehearsal last week.
One of my favorite group shots I must say. 😊

This whole pageant thing really came off as a shocker for me because I have never dared to even imagine myself being involved in such things?!

Hahah nonetheless, I was really honored to be able to represent my OG, Seltics in the Pageant!!! Though I did not clinch the Queen title, I still felt a sense of achievement upon witnessing how supportive my OG were at the bash and with their acknowledgement, it was already more than enough for me :-)

OG pageant buddy. I am sure he felt as touched as I am after all the things Seltics did for us 😊😊

The best bunch of babes and hunks to do shameless catwalks and modeling poses with. All of our late night trainings have paid off at last , we were all stunning on stage ✨

Feeling a little bitter-sweet becos on one hand, I am glad that pigeon trainings are over (NO MORE FOOD BAN!!! YAY), on the other hand, I gonna miss seeing them at Tut room 3 at 730pm every night, exposing anyone who get seen eating fried food, shopping for attires together, werking all dem sassy poses together & many more!

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