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Sat, 1 Nov 2014

Day 305 :

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Monday face versus....

Any other day face.

HAHAHAH YIPEEE!!! Down to 2 more quizzes and I am done with midterms!
Sadly, the ending of midterms also means the start of finals.... Oh god 😨😨😨😨

I really, really need to have more discipline -_-

My typical study session can go like this:
1. Study 5 mins
2. Scroll through insta for 30 mins
3. Scroll through twitter for 15 mins
4. Then tweet to myself "JIAYI FOCUS"
5. Get back to work for 10 mins
6. Reward myself for being focus for 10 mins with a 5 mins break which....usually last longer than that.
7. Finally get back to work
8. Suddenly very hungry
9. Suddenly weather too hot
10. Suddenly need to go toilet

This is why I always end up studying till 3/4am. I am THAT inefficient and unproductive all the time 😐
My phone is seriously my worst and main distraction but I really need to have my phone with me when I study cause I tend to ask questions (regarding school work) through whatsapp and I need music when I study. thing led to another!!!! From asking question > YouTube/Facebook/talking nonsense/wasting time.
Finals in 3 weeks JIAYI WAKE UP.

Btw I am not typing this during my study session ok πŸ˜‡ I am currently on my bed preparing to enter Lalaland.

BUT SINCE I am not a tad sleepy, let me introduce you to my new friend.......

That's the least creative name ever. HAHAHAHA

Super adorable!!
Cutest snail I have ever met.
We have some sort of connection 😍
Er, pardon the dirty palm of mine hehehe. Probably dirtied it because of the BBQ party I had before I met this cutie.

Once again sorry for the dirty palm LOLL 🌴
Focus on Gary.

Okie, I will do a proper update soon!!! Can't wait to clear the backlogged photos!
Meanwhile, HAPPY NOVEMBER GUYS ☺️☺️☺️
May this month be full of (good) surprises!

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