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I will never go on a diet.

2014 November

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Monday face versus....

2014 October

I witnessed something today.And it made me feel utterly ashamed to call myself a Singaporean.I was queuing up at the drink store to get some snacks and in front of me was a Bangladesh worker- probably just ended all the construction work around NTU cause his attire was covered with paint and dust. When the Bangladesh worker reached the counter, the expression of the cashier auntie changed immediately! From a friendly to a...somewhat disgusted look. That alone, was plain RUDE.

Whenever I scroll through my Instagram timeline and explore pages, there bound to be chances that I stumble upon some random profiles of Singaporean girls with beautiful feeds.By beautiful feed I mean those photogenic portraits and ootds, pretty clothes that never seem to repeat itself in any post, you get what I mean.My thoughts whenever I look at those profiles: If only I can be that effortlessly photogenic like them, if only my wardrobe can be as vibrant as theirs. If only if only if only.

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Task: Walking TaroDifficulty level: 11/10HAHAHAH I think the photo explains it all.


Time check: 430amJust snuggled into bed after completing JUST ONE chapter of chem. Procrastination got the better of me. This is slowly turning into my daily routine.

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Terry's 21st

Shabuya We were given the colour ORANGE!!! Which all 6 of us dread cause...who owns orange tops man??But!!! We did our best to fulfill his birthday wish nonetheless...WE BROUGHT OUR WORK TEE THERE HAHHA.Background info: We met each other through this camp company called Camelot where all of us were outdoor camp instructors. And guess what, the instructor shirts are orange in colour !!!We were all decked in orange when we did our very first camp tgt