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Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Day 293

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Oh that's today (well, Sunday's) Fighter. 😁 and his goodie bag from Lil E's birthday party!

Went back this morning for pregnancy pilates at Fit for 2 after like an entire year of not exercising wtf.

The last time I went was before I was hospitalized with Fighter and then I was so busy I never stepped in to Fit for 2 classes this whole year. I did follow Fatty to badminton in the first trimester wtf cos ironically it made my nausea better. Good cardio but nothing like the pilates!

I used 💪 I never knew existed. 😨 by the time we were done my hands were shaking wtf. And it's pregnancy pilates ok! Means toned down already and super mild!

Or maybe I'm just Ah Weak wtf.

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