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Thu, 30 Oct 2014

Day 303

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Small shoot this morning. Thanks Reelity TV for helping me with this video!

When Fighter was drinking his milk before his morning nap I said "sleep longer ok Fighter? Sleep for two hours."

Like a good boy he did hehehe. The shoot took like an hour plus for everything only and Fighter only woke up after it was over. ๐Ÿ˜€

My baby today. ๐Ÿ˜

I was watching him play and thought, he's really getting so big already. Ikr so clichรฉd but really! Look at him playing around, reaching for things, pulling himself to stand, wrestling and hugging Brown and Cony...

Is it me or after he turned one year his development and changes are just speeding up?!! Every day it's as if he understands a little bit more.

Last night he was on my lap and trying to stand. And he kept stepping on my thighs which hurt cos he was stepping on the sides and pinching them!

I kept telling him not to step on my legs but stand on the chair instead but he kept doing it. So I said crossly "Fighter I said don't stand on my legs!"

Guess what he did? He turned around and kissed me WTF. Manipulative!!! He thinks he sayang me and I won't scold anymore.

He was right dammit.

This is how he used to look like just earlier this year!!


Omg miss him at this stage so much!!! So fat and round! In a way I'm glad we have Bump on the way so we can enjoy another fatty baby phase like this again.

Not that there's anything wrong with Fighter now la - he's so responsive and funny these days I cannot take it. But I just want his cuteness at all phases la can or not wtf.

And look at my handsome boy today!

Really not a baby anymore. Fatty arms and legs gone already, chin and nose sharpened. Aiya from cute to handsome I cannot complain la wtf. ๐Ÿ˜

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