The secret(ly boring) life of a dwarf

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Wed, 30 Jul 2014

Day 211

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Fighter this morning. He woke up at 7.15 but I had to sleep on until 8 while Fatty carried him downstairs.

Cos this critter has a bit of a runny nose I think. So the whole night he kept half waking up and whimpering. 😭 woke up at 10.45 pm, then 12 for feed, then 2.30, 3.30 and 6 am. 😴

Guess who had to wake up to pat him back to sleep. 😴 no wonder I was so tired the next morning!

He hasn't done this for a long time tho ; he's already sleeping 12-7 normally.

Fighter meeting a new girlfriend wtf. @notaitailife @notanotherbigmomma you guys got competition yo!

Went to Fit for 2 again to check on last minute stuff for Fighter's birthday party. Brought Fighter along and Angeline of Think Party Thoughts (party decorator) also brought her baby girl Li Via.

Fighter was super happy la. Smiled until eyes disappear and kept trying to touch Li Via hahaha.

Hand touching!!! If this was 100 years ago they'd need to get married wtf.

At one point he even held her hand and swung it around. 😂

Crawling practice! Still not going forward but he managed to go backwards through the tunnel behind!!! Not sure if I can even do that myself to be honest. 👏👏👏

Damn happy!!! Happy as a clam wtf.

Uhhh caught in the act. What are you doing with that camera mom?

Note the hand on Li Via's shoulder. 😂

Shepherd's pie for dinner!!!

Inspired by @choopeechu who made shepherd's pie for her Paddy.

Fighter's been eating very well lately! He can eat like 3/4 of a Chinese style rice bowl! Mostly for lunch/dinner we feed him porridge (chicken/pork/fish with carrots/broccoli) or baby pasta with ABC soup.

I scared he gets used to these textures and tastes only and refuse other stuff later! So I thought shepherd's pie is an awesome choice - he can eat and we can eat too!

But cos I don't eat beef I

...substituted beef for chicken and ham. Beef stock I replaced with chicken stock too.

Also I bought powder cheese instead of grated cheese wtf so the cheese ended up not melting and just laying on top of the mashed potato. Fml. But still turned out damn yummy!

Fighter agrees. 😁😁

He kept opening his mouth ready for next spoonful and shouting when nanny fed him too slow lol.

So fun! What other recipes do you guys recommend for whole family?

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