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Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Day 258

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Ooh forgot to post this. Fighter got his own seat card at the wedding!

Had his own main course and starter too - mushroom soup and macaroni & cheese. 😀

After two years I'm still not used to this name hehe.

I know dayre cannot click on links but this is a pretty balanced article on the avoidance of vaccines! It quotes both sides of the vaccine debate.

How Hollywood's Vaccine Wars Caused A Whooping Cough Epidemic - How Hollywood's Vaccine Wars Caused A Whooping Cough Epidemic -

Check out Mozart here wtf.

Fighter's personality is proving to be super annoying! When we were in Penang he was being carried by his grandpa who he adores (for some reason he super loves both grandpas and is super attached to them).

We always play this game of trying to carry Fighter when he's in someone's arms to see if he'll go to them. So I clapped my hands and said Fighter! Mommy carry?

And guess what he did? He waved bye bye to me. 😒 damn annoying this baby hahahahaha.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is the face of a Fatty.

Doing a late night mcds run and I asked Fatty what he wanted. He said:

"A chocolate sundae and apple pie"

I thought I heard wrongly. "which one? Chocolate sundae or apple pie?"

"chocolate sundae AND apple pie"

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